Nail Dried Flowers Real Natural Dry Flowers 12 Colors

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❀ Natural real dried flowers

Made of real flowers, with stamens, showing a three-dimensional feeling. Each dried flower is hand picked, carefully selected, dried and pressed.

❀ Perfect packaging

Each dried flower is ready for use in a separate box to protect the integrity of the dried flower to the greatest extent.

❀ Wide range of uses

Used to make greeting cards, bookmarks, wedding invitations, mobile phone cases, jewelry and any DIY crafts.

❀ Easy to remove

Just soak in the normal way

❀ How to use?

  1. Before use, measure and cut nail art dried flowers to the desired size
  2. Soak the dried flowers for 1-3 minutes.
  3. Apply primer on nails.
  4. Use tweezers to carefully dip the position on the folder to be decorated to confirm that the flowers are fixed.
  5. Then apply a layer of transparent protective oil on the surface.
  6. You can use different colors of nail polish as a decoration, and mix and match with any other nail art to suit your design.

❀ Note

  • The color and size of the petals of dried henna collected by hand picking sometimes change.
  • During transportation, the petals of some flowers may fall. This is normal, but it is accidental.