Winstonia 20 pc Nail Art Stamp Stamping Image Plate Set, Manicure Pedicure - First Generation

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Winstonia proudly brings you 20pc Nail Art Stamping Image Plate Set, first generation.

This set of nail art stamping image plates comes in 20 pieces, each piece contains 6 to 8 designs, makes it a total of 139 designs! The designs includes animal print (including the reptile pattern!), cute animals, fruits, flowers, stars, summer theme, fall theme, sports, panda, unicorn, cupcake, mustache, mermaid, irregular patterns and more!

Unveil your inner nail art spirit! There is no complicated drawing or painting skills needed to have amazing nail art by using these stamping image plates, all you need is stamping skill, which is super easy! It only takes a few practices to become perfect for beginners

Each stamping plate is made from high quality stainless steel. At 2.7" diameter each, the stamping plate has a smooth edge and paper backing for easy handling while doing nail art. Peel-off blue protective film to start using these stamping plates.

1. Remove protective blue film from plate
2. Apply base coat or nail polish on nails, let dry completely
3. Apply nail polish on selected image on plate (use a solid color nail polish as its opacity will reach most ideal result)
4. Immediately, scrap off the excess nail polish using Winstonia scraper at 45 degress angle (scraper not include)
5. Immediately, gently stamp over the design in a rolling or up-and-down motion using Winstonia stamper (stamper not include)
6. Immediately, transfer the design on the stamp on nail
7. Dip a Winstonia clean up brush (not include) in nail polish remover, carefully remove any excess nail polish on skin around cuticle
8. Let dry completely before seal with top coat.
9. Enjoy your beautiful creation!
10. IMPORTANT: Do not stamp in an open air area or with fan turning on, this will cause drier nail polish hence not being able to transfer.