VAGA Manicure Set Nail Art Supplies Nail Kit 2 Boxes of 1500 Gemstones, Crystals, Gems, Stampers Scrapers, Stamping Plates, Dotting Tools, Nails Brushes and Rhinestones Decorations Picker Pencil

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Product Description

VAGA Super Nail Art stamping Kit A Fabulous Nail Art Accessories Set

With this set of VAGA's nail art accessories you will be equipped with essential tools and decorations to create your own amazing designs, the set includes:

1. 1500 1.5mm Silver and Black Rhinestones nail Gems

2. 1500 1.5mm 12 Colorful Rhinestones nail jewels

3. Clear Head Stamper and Scraper Kit

4. 5 Dotting Tools, each one with a diffrent Dotters sizes, in total 10 different dotting sizes

5. 10PC set of VAGA uniquely crafted nail art Stamping Plates with 60 designs

6. A set of 15 Nail Brushes with different head shapes for multipurpose use, for both Nail Art and arts and crafts

7. A Nail Art Crystals White Picker Pencil

Suggestion for Nail art stamping beginners

  1. To stamp the designs you must have a Nail stamper and scraper ( included in this set) after you stamp the design you can color it using Dotting tools, nail brushes and other nail art supplies.
  2. Our nail stamping designs can also be decorated, we recommend using nail tape, nail art rhinestones, nail studs, nail art games and other nail décor available on our many nail kit and arts and crafts for girls and women sets sold in our Amazon store.
  3. To upgrade the way the Nail designs look on your nails we recommend choosing a Nail Polish or Nail Stamping Polish color that matches the design, you can also use Gel Polish, at the end of the process don’t forget to apply top coat on your nails.