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  • Polymer Clay Cane Fimo Slices Mix Floral FC-06 - Nails Creations
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Nails Creations

Polymer Clay Cane Fimo Slices Mix Floral FC-06

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Baggie of 50pcs or more

Nail art with fimo cane slices are very popular on natural or artificial nails.

How to apply 

Step 1: Paint Nails and Get Supplies Ready.

Step 2: Put Glue on Fimo Cane Slice.

Step 3: Glue the Fimo Cane Slice to the Nail.

Carefully place the slice on your nail, and press down firmly using your tweezers.  Make sure you hold it down until it sticks.  Put pressure all over the cane slice. If you don't do this, the slice will pop up or curl up.

Cover it with several coats of clear, just like you would do if you were using nail confetti/spangles.