Minejin Nail Art Rhinestones AB Color Flat Back Charms Crystals Stones Super Shiny Cellphones Decorations Gems SS6 1440 Pieces

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Size: SS6

Item: AB White Nail Rhinestone
Shape: flat back round

Sizes Reference:

SS3 1.2~1.4mm
SS4 1.4~1.5mm
SS5 1.5~1.6mm
SS6 1.9~2.0mm
SS8 2.3~2.5mm
SS10 2.7~2.9mm
SS12 3.0~3.2mm
SS16 3.8~4.0mm
SS20 4.6~4.8mm
SS30 6.4~6.6mm

How to do a rhinestone manicure
Step 1: put on your base coat and nail polish as you usually did
Step 2: after your polish has dried, apply a part of base coat on it to pick up a rhinestone from the top
Step 3: apply some base coat on the flat back of the rhinestone
Step 4: put the rhinestone on your nail gently
Finally, after you have finished, apply enough amount of top coat to really seal the stones onto the nail