Luminous Nail Rhinestones, 6 Pots Party/Theme Glow in Dark Fluorescent Nails Gems Stone, Over 1200 Pcs NEON Night Polarized light 3D Nail Iridescent Charms Decoration with Bonus Tweezers

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Product Description

Nail Rhinestones

【Glow in the Dark】

The fluorescent nail stones stores the light energy after being exposed to natural light, phone light or lamp, ultraviolet light, etc., and is slowly released in a fluorescent manner after stopping the light irradiation, so that the light can still be seen, lasts from a few minutes to a few hours at night or in the dark.

NEON Night Nail Rhinestones

Nail Rhinestones kit

【How to Use Iridescent Fluorescent】

Apply your natural or artificial nails a super glue or top coat gel (glue or top coat not included) with nail brush.

Use tweezers or dotting pen to take Neon rhinestones on your nails according to your favorite design.

Then cured by UV or LED lamp, final apply one layer top coat gel for better protection and shiny.

  • Long-lasting depends on your nail glue.
  • Phone lights, electric lamps, bar lamps, UV lamps, nail lamps, natural lighting, and infrared lamps can all be used as sources of light.
  • The duration and brightness of the fluorescence depends on how much light is stored.