LiBiuty 15pcs Nail Stamping Plates with Stamper Scraper Set Lace Flower Animal Pattern Nail Art Stamp Stamping Template Image Plate Nail Art Stamper Scraper

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Color: A


15 x Rectangular nail plate

1 x clear stamper scraper set

About How to use it:

1. Please peel off the blue protective film on top of each plate before using;

2. Apply stamping nail polish on the desired design (Please use with specialized nail stamping polish together.Otherwise it may won't pick up the iamge.);

3. Remove excess nail polish with a scraper using a 45° angle;

4. Pick up the design with a stamper using a rolling motion;

5. Stamp the design on your nail using a rolling motion;

6. Apply Top Coat for longer lasting result;

7. Please don't try to clean the stamper with harsh chemicals such as nail polish remover. To reach the best results,clean it with a Lint Roller or sticky tape to remove excess polish and dust/fluff.