Holographic Silver and Pink Princess Word - Charms & Sequins Nail Art

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What you will get :

6pcs sequins in a clear baggie. Great for long nails of at least 1" inch.


How to Apply Sequin Nail Art

STEP 1: Apply Base Coat

Start by applying a base coat of your choice. This can be a clear polish, or any color.

STEP 2: Choose Your Sequins

There are tons of different types of sequins to consider — from actual craft glitter sequins to confetti and more. 

STEP 3: Dip Your Sequins in Nail Glue or Clear Acrylic

Applying your sequins requires two tools: nail glue or clear acrylic, and a tiny nail brush. Simply dip your brush in the adhesive, pick up your sequin and tap it onto the nail delicately. 

STEP 4: Finish With a Top Coat

To really lock in your sequins, finish the nail off with a top coat to make sure your flecks stay in place.