Holographic Nail Powder Fine Rainbow Holo Unicorn Mirror Laser Effect Multi Chrome Manicure Pigment Glitter Dust for Salon Home Nail Art DIY Deco, 0.04oz/1g, Sponge Tool/3pcs

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What Will You Receive: One Pot Of 1g Holo nail Powder+3 sponge brushes+Instruction
Equipment Needed: Soak Off Base Coat+Color Gel+No Wipe Top Coat+ LED Lamp+Filer/Buffer

In Order To Avoid EXPLOSION During Shipping Or LEAKING When You Opening, We Use Pot Of 3g To Content 1g Powder. So It Will Look Like Half Full(If You Fund Your Pot Of Powder Is Very Few Inside, It May Be a Factory Mistake.Send Us a Message For a Free Resend Please)
Tap It a Few Times Before Opening To Has The Powder Sitten Down To Avoid Leaking.

Step 1:Nails Done With The Base Coat And Cure For 60 Secs Only (Recommend 48W Of LED Lamp, Adjust The Time According To The Number Of Wattages Of Your Lamp).
Step 2:Nail Done With The Color Gel And Cure For 60 Secs Only.
Step 3:Apply The First THIN Layere Of The No Wipe Top Coat(Don’t Apply Too Close To The Cuticle Area).
Step 4:Buff The Powder On With The Tool Or Use Your Finger To Rub The Powder On Directly(Easier To Apply, Recommended), And Brush Down The Extra Powder.
Step 5:Apply The Second THIN Layer Of The No Wipe Top Coat To Seal The Powder Completely, Avoid Contact With The Cuticle Area.
Step 6:Cure For 60 Secs This Time.

1. After The First Layer Of The No Wipe Top Coat Cured The First Time, Buff The Powder To The Nail Surface As Fast As You Can To Have a Better Result Since The Nail Surface Is Still Warm Just After Cured Under The Lamp, The Warm Will Help Adhere To The Powder Better.
2. The Result The Best Timing To Buff The Powder On May Be Slightly Different For:
① The No Wipe Top Coat Of Different Brands You Use.
② How Thick You Apply The No Wipe Top Coat On The Nail.
③ Different Wattages Of Different Lamps(LED or other) You Use.
If You Didn't Have a Good Result Out Of The 30 seconds, Try It From 25-35 Seconds To See Which Is The Best Timing