Butterfly Nail Art Stickers Glitter Butterfly Nail Sequins Laser Butterfly

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Holographic Laser Nail Glitter Butterfly Shape Chameleon Sequins Flakes Nail Art Decoration Manicure

Type: Nail Glitter
Material: Thin Flakes
Item Condition: High-quality glitter sequin
Color: Holographic Chameleon Color
Type: Laser Colorful Nails Flakes
Designs: Butterfly Styles
Color Detail: Yellow Orange Red Green Purple Blue Laser Silver
Styles: Nail Art Decoration
Items: Nail Glitter Flakes Nail Sequins
Feature 1: Super Butterfly Sheets for Nail Art Decorations
Feature 2: Laser Sparkly Paillette for Nail Sequins
Feature 3: Butterfly Shape Nail Art Accessories
Feature 4: Very thin and easy to use.Be suitable for home use or professional use.

How to use:
1. Prepare your nails with uv base coat and cure it under uv/led lamp
2. Apply uv color gel(Do not cure)
3. Apply nail sequins onto your nails
4. Cure it under uv/led lamp
5. Seal it with uv top coat and cure it under uv/led lamp