6 Colors 3D Holographic Maple Leaf Autumn Nail Glitter Sequins Fall Nail Art

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Holographic Gradient Maple Leaf Nails Glitter Sequins Autumn Thanksgiving Party Manicure Accessories.

Item Type: Maple Leaf Glitter for nails
Material: Plastic
Pattern: Maple Leaf Design
Package Contents: 6 Boxes Fall Maple Leaves Nail Art Flakes

How to Use
1. Choose your nail polish color.
2. Choose the color of your sequin.
3. Apply a base coat. You need it to protect your nails.
4. Apply two thin coats of your chosen nail polish.
5. Press the sequins on your nails. You could cover them up totally, or you could have one sequin per nail or you could have random number of sequins on your nails.
6. If nail glitter sequins are small, just spill them on to your nails.
7. Alternatively, cured your nail polish to dry. Then use nail glue to stick on sequins.
8. Apply a layer of top coat to prevent the sequins from falling off.