3D Metal Nail Art Stud Charm Decals Decoration Accessories 40pcs Nail Jewelry Rose Flower Design Decor Supplies Gold Silver Designs Jewels Glitter for Women

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Material: Metal Alloy.
Color: Gold and silver.
Package Content: 14 Different Color Roses,Each Color for 2-4pcs,Total 40pcs Roses.
They Can be Used For Nail Decorations,In Order to Make Charms on Nail Naturally,Most of Designs of them are Back Curved.
Puting them on Nail,Drawing Around Charms to Design New Pattern,You can Design it Again,you could Place it on appropriate Area Directly too.
These 3d Roses Flowers are Elegant with the Perfect size for Nail Decorations, and beautiful Accessories for DIY,Scrapbooking Crafts.