30pcs Diamonds for Nails, Nail Gems and Rhinestones Glass AB Crystal 3D Nail Charms for Nails Art and Decorations

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Color: 30Pcs


Quantity: 30pcs /pack

Color: crystal AB;

Item Type: Nail rhinestones & Nail art decoration

Different Style Shapes:30 different styles alloy nail rhinestones come with different sizes, they are suitable for salon or home use, fit for natural and false nails, clothes, DIY unique art crafts, etc.

How to use?

1.Prepare the glue for sticking the drill, use a nail brush or a cotton swab to apply an appropriate amount of glue

2.Apply the sticky diamond glue on the nail surface, the amount is according to the volume of the jewelry

3.Put the jewelry on the nail surface, fix the position, and don't move it randomly after fixing it.

4.UV lamp light for a few minutes

5.Fill in the gaps with glue then lighting

6.Apply sealant


Need to apply glue to stick them (glue is not included in the package).