2pcs Nail Art Stamping Plate Mats folding Silicone Workspace Practice

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Design: 2pcs nail art mat

The Simply Neat Manicure Mat will change the way you do nails, while protecting your work surface from spills and other nail art hazards.
Whether you're testing new designs, practicing stamping, decals, water marbling, the Nail Art Stamping Mats will help you get gorgeous nail art.

Product Feature:
1.The nail polish can be easily removed with the nail polish remover. Washable, waterproof, easy to clean.
2.Perfectly designed in size, placed on the tabletop for easy design of nail art.
3.Silicone texture, free to fold, creases will not spread, easy to carry. Store flat on your work space, or rolled up in your favorite nail supply nook or cranny.
4.Stamping surface. Nail sizing grids. For custom decal sizing unique to YOU.Black and white testing zones to test stamping designs styles, designs, spacing etc. with different quality and colors of polishes.