12 Color 3D Butterfly Nail Art Glitter Sequins, Butterfly

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Widely Usages:
A must for Makeover:

Suitable to apply on UV gel nails, acrylic nails & natural nails etc.
Perfect for sharing, festivals, and lots of beauty experimentation!
Our hair glitter makes for the most cute glitter braid looks.
On the body, dust some on the collarbones and arms for a super shimmering effect

How to do sequin nails:

Buff and clean nails as normal manicure process
1.Choose your nail polish color.
2.Choose the color of your sequin. They should go together, the contrast should be fine.
3.Apply a base coat. You need it to protect your nails.
4.Apply two thin coats of your chosen nail polish.
5.Press the sequins on your nails.
6.If the sequins are small, just spill them on to your nails.
7.Alternatively, wait for your nail polish to dry. Then use nail glue to stick on the sequins.
8.Apply a top coat to prevent the sequins from falling off.

Makeup & Beauty Instruction:

1.Apply Liquid Eyeshadow or other glitter primer or lotion on your eyes.
2.Use the Eyelash glue adhesive to stick the flakes on your eyelid as an eyeliner.
3.Sprinkle onto your hair as fairy hair decoration